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Does your furniture have Minimum & Maximum widths

The minimum widths vary depending on the design, there are usually no maximums.

can we have our units painted any farrow & ball colour?

yes absolutely any colour you like.

can we have the furniture made to a any height or depth as well?

Because each piece of furniture is made to order we'll make it to the exact sizes you want, any width, depth or height. 

Do you make your furniture for Neptune?

No we are an independent furniture manufacturer and unlike Neptune all our products are made here in the UK. Neptune only supply units of a set size but, we will make it to absolutely any size.

Is you Devon range the same as Fired Earth Bastide furniture

Although similar in some aspects to Fired Earth it is purely coincidental. Unlike Fired Earth our furniture is made here in the UK and we can make it to any size you like and paint it absolutely any colour.  

do you mean it when you say we can have our furniture painted any colour?

Yes absolutely any colour you like. Just choose from any paint manufacturers chart and give us either the name or code number. It doesn't matter if its a Farrow & Ball paint, Little Green Paint & Paper Co, Fired Earth, Paint & Paper Library, Dulux or any other manufacturer you care to mention. And the main point to make is that there is no extra charge for this unlike other manufacturers who don't include it within the price but, add it on as an extra.